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Fifteen Years of EMN; Towards a Second Integration Governance Framework; EMN Annual Policy Report; Combatting Racism.

EMN Factsheet

Malta 2021

The EMN country factsheet highlights the main developments in migration and international protection, including latest statistics.


EMN Malta

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European Migration Network

National Contact Point Malta in the European Migration Network.

Our Research

An overview of the research activities and relevant publications.


EMN’s current activities and publications.


Analysis of topics of immediate interest to policymakers and other stakeholders.


Based on the results of information gathered and analysed by the EMN.

Ad-Hoc Queries

Ad-hoc queries to collect information from Member States.

The European Migration Network (EMN) is coordinated by the European Commission with National Contact Points (NCPs) established in each EU Member State plus Norway. The EMN NCP Malta is financially supported by the European Commission.

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